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Holistic Swedish Massage Therapy

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Swedish massage uses the power of contrast – expertly balancing gentle touch with deep strokes to relieve, restore, and relax the body and mind. Exact pressure levels and focus areas may be adapted to meet your preferences.

Achieve the ultimate balance with Swedish massage. This powerful complementary therapy is one of the most popular in the world for a reason – providing a whole host of benefits to the body and mind in just a 60-minute session. Using tried and tested techniques and approaches, our specialised Swedish massage therapists will work away even the most deeply held physical and mental tension – leaving you relaxed, relieved of pain, and stress-free.

From classic long strokes to rhythmic kneading and pressure point application, Swedish massage is a fully comprehensive take on complementary therapy. Book in with Lana’s Holistic Centre to experience the power of tailored touch today.

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What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is more than just the UK’s ‘standard’ massage. Perfectly balancing both gentle and intense techniques, this renowned therapy brings about both a renewed sense of energy and relaxation

Throughout your Swedish massage at Lana’s Holistic Centre, your certified massage therapist will perform a full-body tension sweep, targeting the upper layers of your most important muscles with a combination of long, ‘Swedish’ strokes, tapping motions, and deep kneading. The perfect option for anyone seeking relaxation with added health benefits, Swedish massage therapy is proven to boost circulation, work away toxins within the muscles, and ease even the deepest knots.

Lana’s Holistic Centre’s individualised approach to Swedish massage means that no two of our treatments are the same. Prior to your massage, we’ll work with you to determine a bespoke treatment plan in line with your exact needs, goals, and lifestyle – helping us deliver the best possible results.

Swedish Massage Service

Who is Swedish Massage Best For?

Swedish massage is one of the most universal complementary therapies - using traditional techniques to bring about an all-encompassing sense of relaxation and renewal. With this being said, it’s known to aid in combating a number of conditions, alongside general physical and mental issues.

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Swelling
  • Poor Sleep Quality/Insomnia
  • Aches and Pains
  • Low Immunity
  • Tension and Tightness
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Poor Circulation
the benefits of

Swedish Massage Therapy

Enduring relaxation is often seen as the key benefit of Swedish massage – however, this therapeutic option brings much more to the table than this simple property. Its most important highlights include:

With this being said – the pros don’t end there. As Swedish massage specialists, we understand that for individuals like you, a good massage session is more than just an hour away from the outside world. We hope that our holistic approach can help you feel better in every aspect of your daily life – whether you’re able to enjoy sport free of pain, or perform better at work after relieving tension.

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Minimised Stress and Anxiety
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Lana’s Holistic Centre?

Tailored Treatments

Enjoy a carefully crafted selection of deeply personalised massages, treatments, and healing therapies customised to your individual needs. Our specialised approach is designed to help you discover the best possible path to wellness - delivering physical and mental benefits lasting well beyond your appointment slot.

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Tailored Massage Therapy

Qualified Massage Therapists

Sharing both years of professional experience and a passion for holistic healing, our fully qualified team of therapists are proud to offer massage services to clients across Suffolk and beyond. They combine proven technical expertise with an open-minded, approach to deliver on all health and wellbeing goals, big or small.

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Flexible Booking

We understand that scheduling time for treatment amongst a 9-5 role, night shifts, childcare, or an otherwise busy lifestyle can be nearly impossible. That’s why we’re open for reservations 7 days a week, working flexibly to meet your scheduling needs alongside your physical and mental requirements in-appointment.

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Local Studio

The perfect environment is key to positive treatment. Our beautiful holistic wellness centres, based conveniently in the hearts of Ipswich & Bury St Edmunds, was custom-crafted to provide the best possible experience at every touchpoint - from waiting room to massage and beyond. Why not discover it for yourself?

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Our Massage Philosophy

Our philosophy is at the heart of each and every one of our massage services - guiding us in strengthening both bodies and minds, day in, and day out.

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Meeting Needs

No two of our clients are the same - so why should our services be? Each of our treatments, from recovery to relaxation, is driven solely by your distinct needs. Taking into account your areas of concern, preferences, and goals, our philosophy breaks the mould of generic massage menus - delivering tailored treatment plans and products perfectly suited to you and you alone.

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Improving Lives

We understand that the effects of pain and discomfort go well beyond just their source. When our expert massage therapists get to work, they know they’re not just kneading knots in a tight back or pulling tension from overused quads - they’re helping a passionate marketing executive craft campaigns without pain, or a young football player pursue their sporting dreams.

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Our Swedish Massage

Therapy Process

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Our online booking system makes securing a massage appointment easier than ever. Simply create or log in to your online account, select a slot suited to your schedule, and make your reservation - from anywhere, at any time. If you’d prefer to get in touch over the phone or in person, you’re more than welcome to do so.

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After confirming your appointment date and time, we’ll begin the process of tailoring your treatment - after all, bespoke is best. Your therapist will provide you with a simple form, using which you’ll be able to detail your medical history and points of concern for review.

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It’s the day of your massage. Before your therapist begins, they’ll complete a short, in-person consultation; discussing your form details, alongside your needs, preferences, and requirements. After building a complete picture of you as an individual, they’ll adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

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Lana’s Holistic Centre’s exclusive massage treatments are designed to deliver an individualised experience for the best possible results. From the first to the last minute of your appointment, you’ll enjoy targeted, holistic techniques balancing relaxation and renewal.

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Post-treatment, your massage therapist may offer advice regarding your personal circumstances. Whether you require post-massage tips on how to boost mobility at home, or ideas for reducing tension and improving general physical well-being, they’ll be happy to assist.


Swedish Massage Providers

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Clients’ Stories

Since opening our Ipswich & Bury St Edmunds massage therapy studios, we’ve helped hundreds of happy clients relax, rejuvenate, and renew with the power of bespoke healing treatments

I had a brilliant deep tissue massage at Lana's Holistic Centre. The therapist was warm and welcoming. I suffer with tight muscles in my back, and shoulder area. I've tried a few places recently, however, the treatment at Lana's was the best and worked a treat. The centre is easy to find and there is free parking up to an hour nearby by. I'd definitely recommend Lana's.

Lana's Holistic Centre Bury
Melissa Laurencin

Google Reviews

Had been suffering from some back pain and on enquiry I managed to get a same day appointment. Location was easy to get to, bright and clean. The service was fantastic, and everything was explained. I came away feeling much better and results have lasted. Will definitely go back and would recommend.

Lana's Holistic Centre Bury
Rebecca Bird

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I booked in to get my back seen to as I'd been suffering quite badly. I can honestly say that after an hour's treatment I have never had such good results before! I left feeling very relaxed with lots more movement and significantly less pain than I had when I arrived. Chris was very courteous and knowledgeable, explaining the different muscle groups and their function. The treatment rooms were hygienic and welcoming, will definitely be coming back!

Lana's Holistic Centre Bury
Michael Brown

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Lana's deep tissue work is exceptional. As an older man with chronic tightness in shoulders, back and neck it means a lot to have skillful, deep pressure which gets to the roots of the pain and tension. I also gained more understanding of the causes and how to self-help.

Lana's Holistic Centre Bury
Stefan Freedman

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Julia is professional and thorough, ensuring your massage is tailored to you and that you are happy and comfortable. Highly recommended and will be booking again.

Lana's Holistic Centre Bury
Naomi Humes

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Julia was lovely and very professional. I felt at ease and comfortable! She applied the right amount of pressure and paid particular attention to a few stubborn knots. The facilities are beautiful! Loved it. Thank you very much.

Lana's Holistic Centre Bury
Agnieszka Zietek

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Monthly massage

Membership Plans

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Our first membership tier offers brilliant value for customers looking for semi-regular treatments whilst boasting a whole host of added benefits:

  • 1 x 60 Minute Massage Treatment
  • 30 Minute Recovery Session
  • 10% Off Additional Treatments and Products

Preferred Plus



Our preferred plus members are able to enjoy double the holistic treatments and discounts:

  • 2 x 60 Minute Massage Treatment
  • 45 Minute Recovery Session
  • 20% Off Additional Treatments and Products

Preferred Elite



The perfect option for holistic health enthusiasts and clinic regulars, our elite members can indulge in the benefits of massage week-in, week-out:

  • 4 x 60 Minute Massage Treatment
  • 60 Minute Recovery Session
  • 30% Off Additional Treatments and Products
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Rasa Botanicals &
Physique Stockists

Lana’s Holistic Centre is a proud stockist of Rasa Botanicals and Physique. Gentle on both the body and mind, Rasa’s all-natural, cruelty-free essential extracts, elixirs, massage oils, and scrubs make the perfect partner to our healing treatments.

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Securing a massage treatment is easier than ever before with our online booking system.

Browse our upcoming availability below to start your wellness journey.

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Swedish Massage Therapy


How much is Swedish massage?

The price of a Swedish massage therapy session varies widely across the UK depending on your chosen provider, treatment length, and location – amongst a number of other factors. Current averages are thought to sit at approximately £67 per hour.

Lana’s Holistic Centre is proud to offer 60-minute Swedish massage bookings – provided by certified, experienced massage therapists in our Ipswich-based studio – for just £55.00. To make an appointment, use our online booking system linked above, or call us to talk to a friendly advisor.

How is a Swedish massage performed?

At Lana’s Holistic Centre, Swedish massages are performed by fully qualified massage therapists. After a short consultation regarding your preferences, goals, and lifestyle, they’ll ensure you’re in a comfortable position on a specialised massage table. During the treatment, your therapist will use their hands and forearms to manipulate your body’s upper tissue with the goal of providing physical and mental relaxation, alongside pain relief, lymphatic drainage, and a number of other benefits. Techniques used may include traditional long strokes, deep kneading, and finger tapping (used to increase circulation in target areas). The pressure used will be adjusted to your liking.

Post-appointment, you’ll be given a moment to adjust to the effects of your massage and take in your surroundings, before re-dressing, and meeting with your therapist for a short post-discussion discussion covering any questions or concerns.

How often should you have a Swedish massage?

As every single one of us is unique and has differing needs, there’s no one ‘best’ frequency for Swedish massage appointments. For example, a client seeking relaxation after submitting their dissertation may feel a one-off appointment best suits their needs, whilst an office worker suffering from ongoing postural issues may book in on a weekly basis.

Our therapists find that for those in need of regular appointments, receiving a massage once per week or once a fortnight, is highly beneficial. If you’re looking to establish a massage schedule, why not discover our cost-saving monthly massage membership plans above?

How long should a Swedish massage last?

Ultimately, there’s no one ‘ideal’ treatment length for a Swedish massage. When selecting a provider and treatment length, you should take into consideration your individual goals and preferences. Whilst a 45-minute appointment may be perfect for a busy mum, a 120 minute appointment may be the best option for a client looking to splurge on a one-off relaxation session. Our expert Swedish massage therapists have found that 60-minute appointment lengths are a happy medium, allowing enough time for a well-paced Swedish massage leaving no stone unturned.

What should I wear for a Swedish massage?

At Lana’s Holistic Centre, we ask that Swedish massage clients dress down to the level they feel most comfortable with – whether this be underwear, a top and shorts. Our therapists will provide towels for modesty and comfort, ensuring your session is as relaxing as possible. If you’d feel most comfortable fully dressed, you’re welcome to remain so! We advise wearing soft, loose-fitting clothing that our therapists can easily work your upper layers of muscle and tissue through.

For further questions on how to prepare for your Swedish massage, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team.